Review – JOOLA Midsize Ping-Pong Table

JOOLA Mini Table Tennis Table

For a person who enjoys playing table tennis, it would be really good to have a ping pong table at home itself. And, amongst the various brands of tables available, there is one brand which stands out. And, that is the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table. Let us study the main advantages and drawbacks of this table.


  • The table is not that big and it can fit just about anywhere. And, it is not that small also so it will give you a great experience. In fact, 4 people can easily play games on it.
  • The table is quite easily portable and you can carry it around to your friend’s place too. It can be folded and can be stored or transported easily.
  • And, it is also quite light weight and will easily fit into your car too so you can play table tennis anywhere you want.
  • The JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is quite durable and well designed and there will be no risk of it getting broken by kids.
  • There are two halves and it gives the flexibility of using both the halves together or just one half individually. So, if you are not playing table tennis, you can easily fold it and that will give you the extra space.
  • The quality of the table is really good and is made with a practical design in mind. Also, it is made with excellent craftsmanship. The ball will almost fly from the table’s side to the other side.
  • The price is quite reasonable as compared to the features that it comes with. And, it is quite competitively priced when compared to the other tables.


  • Even though the table is very good and is compact, it cannot be termed as full sized table for playing table tennis. So, if a person is used to playing games on a large table, then it might not be suitable for him.
  • The table can fit into even smaller rooms and anybody can benefit out of it but it might not be able to give sufficient professional practice for people who want to play professionally.
  • The balls and the rackets are not included with the table and these would have to be bought separately. But, it gives the option to the player to buy the brand which he is comfortable with.


Well, people who do not have much space in their homes or who would want to carry their tennis tables around, then this table will be the perfect choice for them. The table can fit in easily anywhere in the house and a lot of people can benefit out of it. The setup also does not take a lot of time. So, it is the most practical table for anybody and will give a chance to most of the households to own a table tennis table. Hopefully this JOOLA Midsize review helped you make an informed buying decision.


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