JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review


If you are looking for a decent inside table tennis table, you should seriously consider the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table.This is one awesome table and it will give you hundreds of table tennis games. You will be able to practice and you will also remain in shape. Given below are some of the positives and negatives of this table.

Positives of JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table:

    • The table comes in an assembled form and only the wheels and the leg extensions need to be assembled. So, it’s very simple to assemble and easy to use. It will take only about 20 minutes to assemble it.
Joola inside table review
  • There are step by step instructions so you will not have a problem in assembling the table.
  • There are 2 sets of tables and can easily be transformed into two table. You can play individually or in groups.
  • The wooden top of the table is made quite well and is very durable. It gives the ball the a nice sound bounce, so you should be confident in the tables abilities and focus on the game.
  • The legs of the table are made with solid steel so it makes it a very stable table
  • The legs can be secured with the help of double lock devices so it can be extra stable and safe for playing
  • There is a net which is very good quality. It’s secured with the spring tensioned vices which makes it very easy for handling.
  • The table is light and weighs only130 pounds
  • There are 4 wheels in it and it makes the table quite mobile as well as steady. The wheels are really good and nicely designed and can be rolled over easily
joola inside table tennis table dimensions

Negative aspects of JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table:

  • The net is a little difficult to assemble on the table.
  • For professional players, this table might be a little too simple. This table is designed for intermediate players looking for a quality table that’s not too expensive. More experienced players should look at more expensive, higher quality tables.
  • Not ITTF Approved

Overall this is a great table for the cost. If you are just learning to play table tennis but you want a decent table, this is the table for you. Unless you are an advanced player and need the best of the best, this table should do fine. It’s very easy to set

up and the ability to use it as two separate tables is really useful. For the cost of the table, this is one of the best ping pong tables on the market. The overall quality and the tables distinct characteristics give it a flawless classic style that makes it the number one selling table tennis table. This is the best table tennis table. Hopefully you enjoyed the joola inside table tennis table review


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