Stiga STS 275 Review

If you are a Table Tennis player and are looking to buy a table yourself of to gift somebody, the STIGA STS 275 is the product you want.

The market today is flooded with numerous ping pong table choices, choosing the right table can be difficult.

This article helps to cure some of that confusion. Through this article, I will discuss the positives and negatives as well as some of the unique features available for the table.

The company that designs this table, Stiga, is a world renowned Table Tennis manufacturer. They pride themselves on building quality table tennis tables for everyone.

Product Overview

STIGA STS 275 is an innovative table with  unique features. The table comes with a ¾- inch tournament blue top playing STS 275 Table Tennis Tablesurface. The table is different from the other tables in that it has a 5- inch silver mag ball bearing wheels and the corner pads are more stylish that other tables in the same price range. The table is made of 2- inch square self opening legs and the table also has a 2- inch steel support apron. This added support and security is important if you plan on purchasing this cheap table tennis table for your kids.

Another interesting feature is that the table folds up in half for personal practice. This way it acts as your opponent and allows you to play alone when you don’t have a real person to play against. The table’s easy and mobility in storing make bring out the table a joy, rather than a chore like usual.

Product Details

The table’s dimensions are108 X 60 X 30 inches (W X H X D) and weighs 220 Pounds. However, while packaging it weighs around 240 pounds with all the packing materials. This item can be shipped to 48 contagious states. Another additional item that comes with it is a 66-inch net and posts.


  • The large dual caster wheels make this table very mobile, despite its weight. The table’s design is flawless. It sports the customary tournament style blue playing top with clear distinct paint that gives this table a great finish.
  • The table top quality is superb. While the price is something to scoff at, the quality and time that was put into this table make it a top choice for table tennis tables. Some call it the best table tennis table 2014.


  • The table is heavy so you can get it transported to your door. However some have reported that the product comes with either inappropriate packaging or the attachments are missing.
  • The Assembly Process is very tedious. The diagrams available in the setup guide can be very misleading and the instructions very unclear.
  • When compared to other tables, it might not seem like a cheap Table Tennis table, however the quality received is worth the price.



This is a great table for any Ping-Pong or Table Tennis enthusiast. While the price may seem steep at first, when compared to other tables in the same price range, you can see why. This table was built at a higher standard and with higher quality materials than some of the other tables. Hopefully this review has helped you make a more informed buying decision.


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