Best Beginner Table Tennis Racket

How to choose the right Table Tennis racket for beginners.

If you’re just learning how to play Table Tennis, a beginner racket is important in developing the correct form and playing style necessary to advance as a player.

Stiga Titan Racket
Stiga Titan Racket Review

It is very important for beginners to know what the best bat is for a good start, as  a beginner you do should not buy the the world’s best, but you need a racket that will help you develop your personal playing style. Here a few tips in choosing the best beginner Table Tennis racket.

  • As a beginner, start with pre-made bats, bats which are ready to play with and come with the rubber already on the blade.
  • The first and the real decision in deciding which blade that you are going to use is deciding between the large varieties of blades available on the market, all of which promise to be the next paddle of world champions. It is better for you to purchase from reputable manufacturers like Stiga that way you guarantee receiving a reputable paddle.
  • The next and most important step is to pay serious concentration to the different characteristics displayed in the different grips such as Seemiller, Penhold, Shakehand. It will be little difficult for you to change the style of grip once you adopt a particular style and you start groove in it, whatever the grip you choose, you do not have to follow that grip throughout your playing career. You can simply buy the table tennis racket that suits your style, if you buy a penhold bat you will feel difficult to play the shakehand style in it and vice versa but many players are comfortable playing in different styles.
  • While choosing the handle style I would recommend get used to a normal Shakehand style, after which you can play around with other style. There are Flared handles and the straight handles which are the most common and popular handles used by players today. Flared handles are best for hitting the forehands and the straight handles are the best for hitting  backhands. However, you do not have necessarily have to worry about these things, just concentrate on purchasing a racket that is comfortable to you.
  • As a beginner you do not worry about many things about the bat just buy a bat which you feel very comfortable while playing and finally whatever the bat you choose get a good cover for it and keep it safe from getting damaged.

Hopefully this Stiga Titan Racket Review will help you make a better, more informed buy decision.


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