H2W Touch Pro Review – Table Tennis,

The H2W Pro Table Tennis Robot Review is finally here so the people who have been dying to get to know more about this stunning product need not wait any longer.
The robot has proven to be everything that the makers promised it would be. The added feature this time around has been the stunning touch screen that makes it so much easier and simpler to order the robot around and to set up the object. With the new technology, it has been quite easy for the makers to add some extra flexibility to make sure that the ball lands exactly where the owners want it to. Spins and landing spots can easily be predetermined and one does not have to worry too much about manipulating the robot since all sorts of shots can be played in a single sequence; whether it is the short

H2W robot review
Best Table Tennis robot

and long one, the high and low one or the strong and weak balls.

There are a total of thirty built-in sequences for players to practice with. Since one is easily able to visually see the robot and its spin indicator panel in action, the player can easily predict moves like it would on an actual player and with the help of this robot, they can perfect their game in no time at all. There are three wheels that are all monitored by independently programmed motors that do not coordinate with each other, making it harder for the player to predict the robot’s move (thus, making for great practice sessions). Topspin, no=spin, side-spin and underspin options are all available and they will all be used to random during a sequence to check the players’ reflexes. It is easy to become a pro with this side-kick.
At nearly eighteen hundred dollars ($1795.95 to be exact), one can say that the robot is quite expensive for normal and ordinary people to afford. Add to that the costs of shipping (nearly six dollars) and it becomes next to impossible. However, when the players realize all the things they can gain and how much they can improve their skills with this robot, they would love to spend that money as soon as possible. So, it is quite safe to say that the money will be worth it, the end results will stun even the buyer. Do not let the price tag become a hindrance.

There are no official reviews on the Amazon page but the critical and expert acclaim for the product has been quite high. The customers have been active on other forums and they have written numerous reviews and testimonials to convey how much they have loved the robot and its ability to train almost anyone – even novices!

h2w with net


As discussed earlier, the price is a huge drawback and disadvantage for the customers looking to have some fun with the sport they love. Also, the makers need to work with Amazon to make sure that the shipping payments are reduced. Most of the things on Amazon are shipped for free and seeing a price tag for shipping on the official page will put off a lot of people.


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