iPong Pro Review

As a Table Tennis player, the biggest strain on the game is that you need two people really get a good practice session in. JOOLA USA boasts that the new iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot is the perfect solution if you want to keep playing or practicing but you don’t have someone there to play with.


Product Overview

Joola USA is a table tennis company that has established itself as a major craftsmen in producing high quality table tennis tables and accessories that can help individuals—whether they are beginners or pros—excel to new heights.

In 2009, JOOLA released the iPong Original Table Tennis Robot—the lightweight, easy to assemble, and easy to use table

table tennis machine
JOOLA iPong Pro

tennis training robot that was considerably cheaper than other training robots at that time.

The iPong Original was so successful that in 2011, it created two new additions to JOOLA USA’s cast of table tennis training robots: the iPong-Topspin and the iPong-Pro.


While the iPong Topspin was made primarily for beginners who wanted to practice hitting just topspin balls, this robot is made particularly for players who can handle different kinds of spins. Plus, with the iPong Pro’s new oscillating feature, table tennis players get a lot of challenge out of this product’s features.


Perfect for your training needs

As compared to the iPong Original, the Pro Training Robot comes with a side to side oscillating head feature that would surely keep you on your toes and give you a thorough work out. It can also simulate the possible scenarios that you would face in a live table tennis match.


With the iPong Pro, you can train like a professional. Aside from the oscillating head feature, it also comes with a wired remote that lets you adjust the power, frequency, spin, and oscillation. You can train according to your level of expertise and gradually increase the difficulty of your training. You can also practice returning a variety of backspin, topspin, and heavy topspin (a feature that is not available on the iPong Topspin), which you can control through the wired remote.

Easy to assemble, Easy to use, and Easy on the wallet


The Table Tennis training machine comes in a fiery yet sophisticated red color that differentiates it from the green iPong Topspin and the black iPong Original.


Just like the other iPong units, though, the iPong Pro is lightweight—it weighs just 2.5 lbs and it fits perfectly in all standard sized 9- x 5- feet long tables.


It is also very easy to assemble and is perfectly durable. Joola USA has produced the iPong line in hard matted plastic that is resistant to fingerprints. The iPong-Pro’s oscillation plate is also reinforced to give it a smooth transition from side to side.


Most of all, the robot comes to the market in a very affordable price of $199.95. Hopefully this iPong Pro review has helped you make a more informed decision when purchasing this robot.


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