Kettler Top Star Table Tennis Table

Nobody likes to indulge in sports inside their houses for a number of reasons. First of all, the adrenaline rush a person gets when indulging in a physical activity such as games needs a wider and more open environment so that the participants are able to enjoy the activity. Secondly, it might prove to be pretty harmful and dangerous for people if they started playing indoors since precious property could be potentially damaged.

Kettler Top Star
Kettler Top Star

Ping pong might not be the most aggressive of all sports but it still needs an open environment so that people have a great time while they indulge in the activity. Fortunately, with the Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table, that is now possible. Read the Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table review to know more.


The first thing people would like to know is if the Kettler table can resist warping. The writers are happy to confirm that the Kettler Top Star for ping pong is weatherproof (certified by ALU-Tec) and will not succumb to any damages that the weather may inflict.

Moving on, the dimensions of the table measure seven by eight inches and has an ultra-smooth top that has been specifically designed for the extra bounce needed to make the sport faster and to induce a little more kick. The low center gravity is designed especially for compact storage – a quality many ping pong table makers choose to forego. The DSL Dual Lock technology makes sure that the table does not fall apart in the middle of a game or does not open up randomly when in storage. The five and a half inch wheel casters make it very easy for the owners to shift the table around to a location of their choosing. With other tables, one usually needs two people to lift the object. Here, only one person can easily manipulate the table. The wheels are connected to the locking system too.


At only seven hundred and ninety-nine dollars, one can say that the table is great foe people wanting to pursue ping pong as their actual careers and life choices. The table seems to be durable enough for that and the price seems to be quite appropriate for all that is being offered with the table. The fact that one can easily save two hundred dollars by buying it off amazon helps the deal a lot. Also, the free shipping offer on the website is basically irresistible.


While the rating of four and a half stars says a lot about the love the product is getting, there have been a few complaints about the delivery of the product and the difficulty of setting it up. However, the general feeling remains positive.


While the price is quite appropriate for professionals, this is not an amount that people, looking to have some fun, would be willing to pay. So, one can say that for those people, the table is a little too expensive.

Also, delivery requires at least two to three days which is a little too long. A much quicker delivery arrangement would benefit the makers.


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