Not The Best Mini Ping Pong Table

The Park and Sun MTT Tennis Table Review

Listed Price – 149.99

Selling price – 128.84 including free shipping

By purchasing this, you will be able to save a wholesome $21.15 which translates to 14%

Mini Ping Pong Table
Mini Ping Pong Table


  • It offers playing action just like ordinary tables
  • Has a medium density fiberboard playing surface measuring 3/8 inches and features a laminated blue-coloured top
  • Has a steel frame measuring 1 inch with a black power coat finish for protection
  • Comprises of a Velcro lock and handles for easy transportation and can be easily folded and stored.
  • Comes with 2 ball and paddles measuring 60 by 28 by 30 inches

Product Description

The Park & Sun Tennis Table is very ideal for rooms with very limited space and provides playing action similar to the one offered by regular tables but at a size less. It has an MDF (medium density fiberboard) playing surface measuring three-eighths of an inch and a laminated blue-coloured top that provides a great contrast to the traditional green-coloured tables. The steel frame diameter (one-inch) does not only give it a protective black powder finish but is also easy to fold and store. The Velcro lock and the handles facilitate easy transportation from one place to another. This stunning product  measures 60 by 28 by 30 inches – W x H x D and comes with 2 balls, 2 paddles and a net. As such the Mini Ping pong table is ideal for both adults and children and just the best when it comes to utilizing limited space.


  • It is easy to store
  • No transportation issues
  • Very light


  • The paddles are substandard

What do others say about the product?


Very ideal for people with limited space for play

My son wanted something special for his birthday present and he chose this one. He insisted on having it and said he would not mind keeping it in his bedroom if there was no room available elsewhere.  I knew this was going to be a challenge as there was no enough room for a ping pong table in the house. My worries were dispelled when I finally came across this and indeed, it did the trick. It is lovely and strong. It fits in our family room perfectly well and it is easy to move and store. We enjoying playing the game so much that we are contemplating making it our routine. When we ordered the product, it was delivered without additional charges and that too was an incentive to us. Highly recommend!


Placed 3 orders just to make sure we got something good for our son

Since a full-sized table proved too big for our son, we opted for the Park & Sun Mini Table. When we received our first order, it came with the screws in the package. We found it hard to fasten all the screws as the holes were too big and could not tighten up. The second one too came with various issues – a broken particle board with one part sitting slightly higher than the other and scratches appeared in many parts of the table. Well, it came to my understanding that this was not actually the costly table made in China and was not expecting high quality but I got exactly what was suitable for my son. Playing on this table can only be fun if you just don’t fancy its appearance. I had to return two of them. I wouldn’t recommend!


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