The JOOLA Tour 1800 is one of the best Table tennis tables on the market. This isn’t because of some crazy idea that I pulled out of my head, this is from facts that can be displayed and detailed, which is what we will be doing right here.Buying a Table tennis table is important, that’s why you should know what you’re purchasing. Other tables generally add perks and small increments of improvement while increasing the cost of the price exceeding the new improvements for increased margin on their products. That’s why it’s good to have chart detailing the differences in each table. That being said this table is worth your purchase and consideration.


  • Full-size table tennis table with affordable yet high-quality design
  • Fast 18 mm playing surface; 40mm all-metal frame and trundle system
  • Separate halves allows for easier mobility and compact storage
  • Includes net set; stylish blue tabletop; weighs 226 pounds

You can separate the table in different halves for increased storage and mobility as well. Ever needed a table you didn’t have to worry about scratching for a yard sale? The JOOLA Tour 1800 is your table! This also means the table has the play-back feature which means you can set the other half up so you can play against yourself.


Assembly on this table isn’t that bad. Unlike other tables on the market, assembly can sometimes take up to 5-6 hours. But not with table, assembly only take about an hour. This is thanks to JOOLA new capabilities to quick-play, similar to Stiga. That being said this table is still very good.


Overall, you should only purchase this table if you want a decently ping pong table that is for indoor use only. Don’t buy this table if you plan on practicing for tournaments or if you want to seriously content. this table is for recreational families or individuals who are not serious about having the best of the best.


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