Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Review

Cornilleau Sport 500m Review
Cornilleau Sport 500m Outdoor

The Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table delivers among the highest quality in innovation and safety for tennis table enthusiasts. This versatile table allows for 2 on 2 matches, or it may be folded in half for single practice sessions. This weather resistant table holds up under the ravages of the elements to provide fast action in play.

Description of the product

The Cornilleau table features innovations in design, safety and usability that place it in a league of its own. The ball adheres smartly to the high quality materials used to craft the Mat top finish. Durability is the rule for the weather resistant finish that preserves the table in adverse conditions. Moving the table for setup, breakdown, relocation and storage is smooth and easy thanks to the double wheel casters.

The features of this table include:

  • DSI integrated double security with central release handle
  • Full lock mechanisms safety features for risk reduction in play and while in storage
  • Arched leg design for solid support
  • Adjustable feet for stability
  • Weather resistant polyester net system with retractable storage position
  • Height and tension adjustment on net
  • 7mm resin laminate playing surface with Mattop finish for anti glare and ball adherence
  • Comer protection pads
  • 108 in. x 60 in. x 30 in. in playing dimensions and 62 in. x 74 in. x 30 in. storage size.

Heavily loaded with useful features, the Cornilleau tennis table has received perfect marks from satisfied customers who have ranked this essential ping pong equipment with a 5 out of 5 possible stars. Here is what they had to say about their experience.

Consumer opinions

This well constructed table endures outdoor summer conditions like a champ. Some users commented that the uniquely constructed top seems indestructible. The Assembly and set up is quick and easy, taking about an hour. The adjustable feet provide for stable setup in uneven areas such as lawn grass and other areas of the yard.

The Cornilleau is not an inexpensive table, but customers agree that it is well worth the cost and a great value because of its durability, ease of assembly, setup and tear down for storage, playing action and high quality. Some users found the assembly to be time consuming and a bit on the difficult side, but in general, most agreed that when compared to the assembly required for some other tables, it was much easier with fewer complications and less investment of time. The reviews submitted were all perfect marks which is rare and speaks to the value of the product and the overwhelmingly positive response of customers who have purchased and used this table and would recommend it to others.


The Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table is an extraordinarily high quality product that has received remarkably high ratings from satisfied customers. It’s durability and ease of assembly, mobility and safety mechanisms combine together to create a product that is designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers. Both amateur and skilled ping pong players will appreciate the quality of play that they experience with this table.


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