JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Quattro
JOOLA Quattro

The JOOLA Quattro is a cheap Ping-pong table for recreational or beginner players. You can generally tell the quality of the Table tennis table by the surface thickness, and this table has an average sized playing surface. I’m not sure why JOOLA manufactures so many tables in the same price range, but its safe to say that the JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis table is nothing special overall. While the specifications on this table make it desirable, there are other tables that are cheaper that have the same or better qualifications:


  • Full-size table tennis table with affordable yet high-quality design
  • Fast 19 mm playing surface; all-metal frame and trundle system
  • Twin roller undercarriage includes wheeled support system for storage
  • Built to same workmanship standards as Joola’s high-priced brethren
  • Includes net set; stylish blue tabletop; weighs 216 pounds

Overall this table is nothing to get excited about, its just another cheap Ping-pong table designed to be a value purchase for individuals that aren’t planning to play in any competitions. There are multiple tables with similar qualifications on the market, some of them are even designed by JOOLA. The JOOLA Inside, the Stigs STS 185, and the Stiga Triumph are all great models within the same price range that would probably be a better fit than the JOOLA Quattro. That being said, this isn’t a bad table, it just isn’t good as some of the others available.

Assembly: Assembly for this table is a breeze. The table is designed to be put together in under 30 minutes. Other tables similar to this one could take up to 5 hours! Not only are they generally more difficult to be put together, but the directions are sometimes not complete, missing important steps. However this table has been commented on by past buyers describing how easy the total assembly was.

Conclusion: This table is good for recreational players or beginner Table tennis players that want a decent table that is good for having fun, but this table is not for competitions or individuals serious about getting better at Ping pong. Table tennis is a game combined of small and precise movements that depend on the individuals recognition of and anticipation of the balls movement and bounce, therefore the table you play and practice on can be a large influence in your ability to play Table tennis. Buy the right table, the table right for you.


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