Killerspin MyT5 Table Tennis Table Review

Killerspin MyT5 Review
Killerspin MyT5 Review

The Killerspin MyT5 Table Tennis table is a decent Ping pong table overall. The major concern with tables is the playing surface. Unfortunately this table only has a table top thickness of 5/8” inch, which is not all that good. With a table of this price, one would expect to see at least a ¾” thick Ping-Pong table. However, a table can be unique in different ways, and this table is definitely uniquely designed and built for it’s price.


  • Box-to-play in 15 minutes with only eight nuts and bolts for easy, quick assembly
  • Table halves fold separately for hassle-free storage and fold into the individual playback position for solo play
  • Steady, durable placement with safety locking system that ensures secure positioning during play and storage
  • 15mm medium density fiberboard (MDF) top features a specially engineered Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) process, heavy-gauge white metal frame with 3in casters for smooth rolling
  • Comes with 1year limited warranty
  • Ideal table for beginning table tennis enthusiasts
  • Safety locking system and locking wheels ensure secure placement during play

It’s designed with a special Repeat Roller Coating that gives the playing surface an extra bounce, so perhaps that explains the thinner playing surface. However, that should not distract you from the point that this table is more expensive compared to tables of great value. That’s right, when you purchase this Ping pong table; you are paying more for less. I suggest looking at other tables of recognizable value and check their specifications against this table.

A good thing about this table is the table’s assembly. Assembly is only 15 minutes. 15 minutes is an amazing time completely assembling a Ping pong table. Other tables, especially more expensive tables, can see assembly times of 3-5 hours as a result of confusing instructions and missing parts.

Conclusion: Either way, the conclusion is that this table is decent looking, but that’s about it. There are other tables in the same price range that play better or the same level for the same price. That beings said, their unique tabletop surface is something to look at and was a joy to play on.

A great thing about this table is who it’s built by. Killerspin is recognized as one of the leaders in manufacturing Table tennis tables, therefore you know that purchasing from a table company like killerspin guarantees you the upmost quality in surface ad parts .Customer who had problems and returned merchandise were met with complete happiness to comply.


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