Newgy Robo Pong 540 Review

Robo pong 540
Newgy Robo Pong 540

Overview: The Newgy Robo Pong 540 is Newgy’s original robot design for players that aren’t looking to spend too much on a training robot but still want a decent Ping pong robot that will allow them to practice when there isn’t a teammate to practice with. That beings aid, this robot has some characteristics that leave much to be desired. You can find the best Ping pong robots such as the Newgy robo pong 2050 and the Robo pong 1040 that have better qualifications and characteristics that make them a joy to use. Yet the 540 still has some qualities that younger players interested in the recreational aspect of the game will enjoy. If you are looking for a robot that will provide a life-like practice session with hard shots, varying spins and a randomized shot, this isn’t the Table tennis robot for you.


  • Newgy Robo-Pong 540 Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Ball Machine features analog controls for ball speed and frequency; holds approximately 120 balls
  • Available spins: topspin, backspin, left side-spin, right side-spin, combination spin.
  • Available shot selection: push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop.
  • Fits all standard ping-pong tables and conversion top game tables, and is easy to set-up, use, take down, store and transport. No assembly or tools required.
  • Play ping-pong with Robo-Pong – by yourself or with family and friends – to improve your game, get a great workout or just for fun!


This robot has a multitude of different spins, shots, and power options to make playing with the Robo Pong 540 an experience you won’t forget. It’s a great toy for any younger child interested in Table tennis or Ping-pong. While we recommend this robot for younger children or recreational players, overall, this robot needs much improvement, especially in the area of different types of shots. We recommend checking out other more expensive robots from Newgy and other manufacturers before finalizing your decision on the Newgy Robo-pong 540 Table tennis training robot.


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