Stiga STS 185 Table Tennis Table Review

The Stiga STS 185 is a great table for beginner Table tennis players or even intermediate. It’s got a decently thick surface

Stiga STS 185
Stiga STS 185

at 3/4″ ich which is the the 2nd tier in thickness sizes. In Ping-pong tables, you can generally expect a cheap Ping pong table to cost around $500 dollars with a 5/8″ table surface thickness. Then, it generally rises to 3/4″ where you’ll see tables ranging in the $600-900 dollar range. This table only costs around $600! So that is the main aspect that I noticed and had to mention first in this review. Otherwise, this table is normal and has the general aspects one would see in a table of it’s price.

However that’s not to say that this table’s other characteristics are poor or low quality.The Stiga STS 185 Ping-pong table has 2″ thick legs with 3″ tall wheels for outdoor play if you feel like it. That is actually another characteristic that is greater than other tables in the same price range as this one. The wheels on this table are 3″ tall while other tables in the same range would have wheels 2″ tall. So this table is over qualified for rolling over payments and outdoor use in general. Only on the really more expensive tables will you see wheels larger than 4″-5″ inch, and even that is probably a little too much.

The apron is pretty much the undercarriage that helps the table not sag from overuse or players placing weight on the table. While eventually this effect is unpreventable, the apron does a good job. This table has a 2″ powder-coated apron which means it won’t run if water happens to make contact and is overall, stronger


Assembly can be annoying,very annoying. Some Table tennis tables take over 5 hours to assemble! Not this table, it comes with quick-play chassis so you can set-up, install and play in a matter of minutes, not hours. Users have reported that it only took them 30 minutes to completely assemble this table. I always look for tables with a quick-play mechanism so I don’t have to worry about helping my kids put it together or help move it in and out 3 times a day. The quick-play feature really is a god-send.


This table is actually one of the best Ping-pong tables I’ve seen for its price range. The table surface thickness is great and overall design is awesome. The undercarriage is thick and the wheels are a great size for playing outside.

If you want a table that would be good for preparing for competitions, but you don’t want to pay for an official Ping-pong table with a 1″ thick surface that will cost over $1000, then this table is for you. Really, this table is bar none, one of the best but cheapest Ping-pong table you can for you money. Great value purchase.


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