The JOOLA Triumph 15 Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Triumph 15
The JOOLA Triumph 15 Table Tennis Table review

The Joola Triumph 15 Table tennis table is a cheap indoor table tennis table designed for recreational families o r individuals not concerned with having the absolute best table tennis tables possible. Overall, this table is pretty good however there are some things that could still be designed better.


  • Features a 15mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface – Perfect for Recreational Use
  • Includes Corner Ball Holders for up to Three Balls (Balls Not Included)
  • Includes Detachable Magnetic Scoring Device for Easy Game Scoring
  • Comes With Double Anti-Tilting Device for Increased Safety and Adjustable Feet to Level the Table
  • Two-Piece Table Folds for Easy Mobility, Playback Mode and Compact Storage

The surface, at 15mm for instance, could be a little thicker. On higher level Table tennis tables, or ping pong tables, the surface or playing surface thickness is a good indication of the quality of the table. The Joola Triumph 15 table tennis table compares to that of the JOOLA Inside Table tennis table and the Stiga STS 185 as the best cheap table tennis table. That being said, as before, there some things that need to be looked at again if they were to redesign this table again.

This is a pretty good Table tennis table for Individuals looking to have some fun, but not for players actually looking to practice Ping-Pong on a tournament-level or professional level table. Unless you normally play on tables of that level, you won’t be able to tell difference, but it does affect the quality of the bounce, and when you’re dedicating hours to tiny peculiarities in bounce movement and direction, every little bit helps it normalizing yourself in the flow of the ball and game in general.

Conclusion: The JOOLA triumph is a mid-tier cheap table. Overall there are proably better table tennis tables in the same price range. The number one factor that determines the quality of a table is the playing surface. The playing surface of this table is less than would normally see. Therefore, I suggest looking at other tables, at least look at other tables before you make your final buying decision. However remember, the major decision when purchasing table tennis is the playing surface, and this tables surface is inadequate compared to other tables, and it will affect the overall bounce.


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