Stiga Coronado Outdoor Table Review

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Stiga Coronado Outdoor review

The Stiga Coronado is an outdoor table tennis table that has an aluminum composite top that is rust resistant.  The table has some great features, but the main draw of this table is that you will be able to keep your games room outside without any worries of it rusting away on you.


  • Recreational Outdoor Table Tennis Table
  • Perfect For a Deck, Garage, or Covered Porch
  • Aluminum Composite Top Won’t Warp or Rust
  • 1.5″ Steel Legs with Rubber Caps
  • 4″ All-Terrain Casters with Locks
  • Welded Steel Apron with Molded Corner Protectors
  • All-Weather STIGA Net and Post Set Included


This table is ¾ inch and reinforced by aluminum composite.   The bounce on this table isn’t as good as some other Stiga tables; however this table is designed more for recreation rather than true tournament style play.  This table would be an excellent starter table.

The Stiga Coroando is solidly built with 1.5 inch steel legs and 4 inch all-terrain casters with locking mechanism.  The castors are great for moving the table from inside a garage to out on your driveway, but be cautious if you have more uneven ground – this table is not built for all-terrain travel.

This table will take some time to put together. It does not come pre-assembled.  You will need a second person to help you put it together and a powered screwdriver wouldn’t hurt to speed up the assembly process.

Stiga uses silk screen striping, and this table is no different. This makes sure that the tabletop is as flat and consistent as possible, making sure that you get the most consistent bounce possible. No peeling stickers, no obstacles for the ball to hit while in play, a great, thoughtful feature.

In addition to a rust resistant table top, the Stiga Legacy comes with an all-weather net and post set. This helps ensure that all parts of the table are in working order when you’re ready for a game, no matter if you‘ve moved it into your garage, or if it stays outdoors full time.

The Stiga Coroando is an outdoor table tennis table that will have you enjoying a game out in the sunshine.  This table is perfect for a recreational game with friends in your outdoor games area.


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