JOOLA Tour 2500 Review

The Joola Tour 2500 is a high quality tournament ready table tennis table.  This table has an industry standard 1 inch

Joola Tour 2500
JOOLA Tour 2500

thickness, making this table great for a consistent bounce and fast, high quality play.


  • High Quality Tournament ready table tennis table includes competition net and post
  • Thick 1 inch (25mm) MDF painted surface
  • Durable 50mm metal frame and 50x50mm undercarriage
  • Nearly preassembled with two separate stand-alone halves on trundle system
  • Optimal storage dimensions of 24 1/2 x 62 1/4 x 64 Inch

This table is fantastic for players who are interested in getting a lot of solo practice in.  With auto-folding legs and adjustable height levers, this table is easy to transition from a flat table-top for 2 person action to a single person practice spot.  Perfect for improving your skills, or destroying your housemates at table tennis!

The Joola Tour 2500 arrives at your door nearly fully assembled.  All you need to do is attach a few screws and the table is ready to go.  It is heavy, though, so having some help to move it to your set up location will be a good idea.

This table also comes with oversized 5” wheels, making it easy to move around your games room no matter if the floor is carpet or hard surface.  The table also folds up completely for easy storage when not in use.  Additionally, if you need to separate the table, it breaks down to two separate stand alone halves, both on their own wheeled trundle system.  Easy to move and easy to store make this table a great investment.

Joola has looked after safety with this table as well. It has a 50mm metal frame and 50×50 metal undercarriage to ensure that no matter what happens your table will be supported. It also sports self-opening legs that are able to be leveled individually, ensuring a level surface no matter where you set your table up.

This is an excellent table tennis table for anyone looking to upgrade from a beginner table.  With its solid construction, ease of use and great consistent bounce, this table will last for years in any games room.