Ping Pong Table Dimensions

JOOLA Quattro
JOOLA Quattro

Ping Pong tables are large, so large that before you purchase a table, you should probably plan accordingly. However, the majority of the time you don’t which table you should buy, and at the same time, you need to worry if the table will even fit. There’s no need to worry, with this comparison chart, you can compare Ping Pong Table Dimensions with ease, allowing you to easily decide your favorite table.

But not only that, you can also click on the review sections for indoor and outdoor Ping Pong tables to read detailed personal reviews. Although not every table has a review associated with it, you should be able to narrow down your choices using the comparison chart.

The comparison chart really is the bread and butter so to speak. The important attributes are lined up so you, the customer, can easily compare tables. No listening to advertising spout lies about the “best Ping pong table”, now, the decision is up to you. You’re the expert.


Stiga Legacy Table Tennis Table Review

best ping pong table for kids
Stiga Legacy – A trustworthy table built by a trustworthy company

The Stiga Legacy is a recreational indoor table tennis table that has a ½ inch thick tabletop.  This table would be perfect for a family looking for their first table tennis table or for a dorm room that wants to keep their initial costs down, but still have a great table tennis experience.

While the Stiga Legacy isn’t as thick as some other tables Stiga offers, this table gives a good consistent bounce that is reinforce by a 1 ½ inch thick steel apron.  The net assembly is easy to adjust with Velcro tension adjustment and is included in the box.


  • ½” Thick Black Table Top with Silk-Screen Striping
  • 1 ¼” Round Steel Legs and 2″ Casters
  • 1 ¼” Steel Apron with Yellow Corner Protectors
  • Includes 66″ Net and Post Set

This table comes with 2 inch double wheel castors to make movement of the table as simple as possible, for any time you need the space, or if you want to have some practice time to yourself the table easily transitions into solo play mode and will fold up completely for easy storage.

This is a perfect first table for the aspiring table tennis player or for a family games room. The table has 1 ¼ inch steel legs for stabilization and they automatically open when the table is opened, ensuring no surprises.

Stiga uses silk screen striping, and this table is no different. This makes sure that the tabletop is as flat and consistent as possible, making sure that you get the most consistent bounce possible. No peeling stickers, no obstacles for the ball to hit while in play, a great, thoughtful feature.


For a low priced ping pong table the Stiga Legacy is right at home in a recreational game room setting.  This table plays well and has lots of perks. The solo play mode will help you build your skills and the castors wheels and easy fold up make it simple to pull out for a game, and put away when the table isn’t necessary anymore.  A great first table tennis table.