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Getting the Best Table Tennis Tables on the Market

Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor games and is quiet popular all over the globe. Table tennis can be quite a meticulous game, therefore purchasing a quality table that will provide a uniform thorough bounce is important when playing table tennis. There are many important factors that one should consider before choosing a playing table.

Stiga STS 185
Stiga sts 185

Outdoor vs Indoor Table Tennis Tables
The two major classification of tables are Indoor and Outdoor tables. There are numerous factors involved that make each type of table unique for it’s specific playing conditions. Outdoor tables are made up of a material that is designed to not fade from long hours of direct sunlight and rain. This distinction is very important when considering the type of table you should buy. Although outdoor tables are designed to not warp from harsh weather conditions, this has a direct affect on the playing surface. The surface must be re-inforced with different material that affects the bounce quality.

Indoor tables are generally built to a higher standard. The manufacturers don’t have to weather proof the table top, the wheels don’t have to be as large, and it doesn’t need to be able to move as well. That being said, the indoor tables are only suited for indoor play. Indoor tables will generally have a better and more uniform bounce than outdoor tables.

List of top ten tables tennis tables 2014:

There are a wide range of table tennis tables available on the market. The best table tennis table for 2014, recommended by advanced and world class players were chosen as one of the following:

  1. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table:Great table for any player but is well suited for recreational players. 500$
  2. Cornilleau Sport 500M- This table is used outdoors. The table costs somewhere around 1500$. The best outdoor table tennis table on the market.
  3. Stiga Insta Play- the Stiga Insta Play is a table which is generally used indoor. The table costs approx. Great table, quick to set up and quick to fold and put away.
  4. Butterfly Rollaway- Butterfly Rollaway is one of the best table tennis tables available for mid tier indoor tables. The table is available for 580$.
  5. Killer spin MyT5- This is a a premium table tennis table used by professional and competition level players. The cost of the table is between 700$-850$.
  6. Medal Sports- It is one of the best tables and generally costs 400$.
  7. JOOLA Atlanta Olympic- These tables are usually very expensive and are also of very high quality. The price of the table is 1500$.
  8. JOOLA Quattro- the JOOLA Quattro tables are cheaper as compared to the Atlanta Olympic model. The price is between 600$-650$.
  9. Stiga STS 420- Stiga is one of the top table tennis table producing brand.
  10. Killer spin My T-O – These tables can be used both outdoors and indoors. The price is generally between 800$-900$.